My name is Will.
I am 18 years old.

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Never been so happily in love in my life before

I genuinely think there is actually a real possibility we could be married somewhere in the future, we are like an old married couple as it is already

Things I learnt at Reading this year:

Blink-182 make dreams come true, Arctic Monkeys need to stop playing AM live its shit, Die Antwoord are a dream come true live (so many phallic symbols and great stage production), Gerard Way is god and lord of all, Twin Atlantic’s new album is better than Heart and Soul, Don Broco over Foster the People every time, SBTRKT & Vodka mix so well, I know more The Neighbourhood songs than I thought I did, People moshing at an Indiana gig need to slow the fuck down, Adventure Club <3, Borgore <3, The Glitch Mob (so epic) <3, The Hives are just as good no matter how many times you see them live, Rüfüs make deep house bearable, Pendulum is still the best live set anyone ever will ever see ever (I am now at a whole new level of love with pendulum now I think if they stop doing shows I’d spontaneously combust), Klaxons new stuff isn’t as mediocre as it sounds live, I Am Legion makes my girlfriends sex drive go up very rapidly, The Kooks are as good as I thought they would be when I was 10 years old (AMAZING), Papa Roach will never fail live so long as they play Last Resort in the set, Royal Blood are the most amazing people ever and lastly on a slightly sour note getting drunk and losing your girlfriend at the start of QOTSA so you miss the first 20 minutes finding her sucks, but they were still amazing and I got to just about hear all the songs I wanted to hear :)))

Successful weekend, met so many of my girlfriends friend and they were all such lovely people, especially the guys and I met up with some old friends too, it was amazing. 10/10 would Reading again (for the 5th time in a row)

<3 <3 <3 xxxxx Reading Festival 5ever xxxxx <3 <3 <3

Way too tired for work tomorrow, think I’m gonna die

forever in love with reading

Anonymous asked: there still is a wage gap you idiot


No, there actually isnt. Its a myth. Women are paid the same amount as men for the same amount of work. There is no wage gap for the same job. Here are some more sources.

Worlds Apart - Seven Lions

Love love love

Girlfriend got in Manchester!!! So proud :) … and happy she isn’t gonna be living in Ireland this year :’)